3D Virtual Reality Glasses

My daughter downloaded a virtual reality app to her iPhone 6 Plus to use with these glasses. It took me about 5 seconds to figure out that I couldn’t wear them. They give me motion sickness. But, she loves them! She laughed and giggled as she “rode” the rollercoaster. What I did get to see of the app seemed pretty realistic. The glasses seemed to perform exactly as they were meant to. I felt a bit claustrophobic wearing them, but they didn’t seem to bother my daughter at all. The only issue we had with the glasses is that the latch didn’t want to work properly. You’re supposed to be able to push the white button on top to open it. It got stuck a lot. Sometimes we’d have to get a butter knife to pry it open. That was a little frustrating, but everything else seemed to perform well.

Purchase your virtual reality glasses here HERE

Please know that I received this product at a discounted price because the seller wanted my honest and unbiased review. If I give it 5 stars, it’s not because I got it free or discounted. I only give 5 stars if the product truly exceeds my expectations. If it meets my expectations, I’ll give it 4 stars. If a product comes close to my expectations, I’ll give it 3 stars. If the product sucks but can still function, I’ll give it 2 stars. If the product is nothing like the description and is a blatant piece of junk, I’ll give it one star. I never give out anything less than 3 stars without trying to reach out to the seller first to see if we can sort out any differences, confusion, or misinterpretations. So, when I give a rating, it is a completely and whole-hearted honest opinion that I hope can help you make a decision about whether or not you want to purchase the product. Just keep in mind that we’re all different. So if something doesn’t work great for me, it may be because I’m looking at it or using it differently than you would. Please don’t base your purchase solely on my opinion. But I do hope my opinion and review helps you! Good luck!


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