Instant results – Perfect for those who don’t wear make up

If you wear make up, specifically foundation, this product is not going to withstand the application of your make-up. The instructions state that you should apply it to your face while it’s clean and clear of make up, moisturizers and serums. The gel works wonderfully on a clean face. I could feel my skin begin to tighten within seconds of applying it. I could see my eye bags diminish. I was so excited the first time I tried it until I put my foundation on. That’s when it all fell apart. As soon as I applied my foundation, I could feel the tightness disappear and my eye bags reappeared. I tried several different ways to see if there was some trick to getting the gel to work along with my foundation, but I couldn’t figure anything out. I’d give it 5 stars for those who don’t wear make up, but I can go only 3 stars for those who need to wear make up. If you gals come up with any ideas, please let me know!!

Purchase your eye cream HERE

Please know that I received this product either free or at a discounted price because the seller wanted my honest and unbiased review. If I give it 5 stars, it’s not because I got it free or discounted. I only give 5 stars if the product truly exceeds my expectations. If it meets my expectations, I’ll give it 4 stars. If a product comes close to my expectations, I’ll give it 3 stars. If the product sucks but can still function, I’ll give it 2 stars. If the product is nothing like the description and is a blatant piece of junk, I’ll give it one star. I never give out anything less than 3 stars without trying to reach out to the seller first to see if we can sort out any differences, confusion, or misinterpretations. So, when I give a rating, it is a completely and whole-hearted honest opinion that I hope can help you make a decision about whether or not you want to purchase the product. Just keep in mind that we’re all different. So if something doesn’t work great for me, it may be because I’m looking at it or using it differently than you would. Please don’t base your purchase solely on my opinion. But I do hope my opinion and review helps you! Good luck!


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