Love the tingling feeling after application

First of all, I’ll tell you that it took me exactly 5 pumps to get the product to come out the first time. I tell you this because eye creams are entirely too expensive to waste any of it! The directions tell you to apply it twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed after removing your make up. I immediately noticed the cool, tingling feeling after the first application. This is not a product that will diminish your eye bags immediately. The puffiness under my eyes drives me nuts. But after a few applications, I can tell a reduction of the puffiness. My skin feels firmer and fresher. The texture of this product is like lotion. One pump was enough for me to put under both eyes. Don’t use too much because you’re just wasting it if you do. I dabbed a bit on my upper lids too just to see what it would do. It works great to help the puffiness on the upper lids too! Definitely a great product.

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**I received this item at a discounted price or for free in return for my honest and unbiased review after testing and using the product. The views expressed here are my own, in my own words, and are based on my own experience with and use of the item. I am in no way required or influenced by the seller to leave a positive review, and I stand by my review ratings, as I make sure to give a rating that matches my experience with the product. If you have found my review to be helpful in making a decision about this product, please make sure to vote “YES” in response to whether my review was helpful.**


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