Give it a chance!

I really hate giving any product a 3 star rating, but I have to be honest. This shampoo just wasn’t my cup of tea. I do like that it helps control my dandruff and leaves my scalp feeling soothed. My issue with the shampoo is the smell. It smells like Vick’s Sav. The consistency of the product is kind of thin, and I’m not really able to get a good lather with it but that’s probably because of the argan oil. It’s a trade off, really. The shampoo definitely does as the seller describes. Everyone has different chemistry. Perhaps my chemistry doesn’t jive with the shampoo. I do like the convenient pump. The size of the bottle is pretty great too because it sits safely on the inside corner of my tub without falling (I hate when bottles fall off my tub). The product got here super fast! The seller did a great job with shipping. I’m going to try some of their other products.

UPDATE: After using this product for a few days, I’ve changed my mind. Once I got past the smell, I’ve noticed a significant change in my hair. My hair feels smoother and doesn’t have as many fly-aways. My hair also does not feel weighed down. I’m really much more impressed with this shampoo than I was in the beginning.

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**I received this item at a discounted price or for free in return for my honest and unbiased review after testing and using the product. The views expressed here are my own, in my own words, and are based on my own experience with and use of the item. I am in no way required or influenced by the seller to leave a positive review, and I stand by my review ratings, as I make sure to give a rating that matches my experience with the product.**


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